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Graphic design, photography and related products. My passion for traveling and photography fuel my designs and aesthetics.


True Foodies

web design | social media

When culinary app and social media platform creators Joanne Carter and Chef Ted Kolodziejczyk called me about creating a website to promote their new product, I was thrilled! As a fellow foodie, I was very excited to be working with them on creating a site that would showcase their hard work as well as highlight the features of the new app. Not only would the general public be checking out the site prior to downloading, but chefs from around the world who are partnering with True Foodies, so it needed to cater to this prestigious and dynamic group. I also worked with them on cultivating their social media presences by creating quality posts that would attract attention of true foodies to their site in anticipation of their launch of the app.


The True Foodies website must be responsive as it will be viewed primarily from phones and tablets. The home page is shown here on an iPhone in a man's hand.
The three main features of the app where featured on the website in a scrolling banner: Area Directory, Wine Directory and Chef Directory. 
Separating their new app from other apps was very important. The highlights of the app are shown here on the website on an iPad.

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