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501 Stanton Avenue
Terrace Park, OH, 45174
United States

Graphic design, photography and related products. My passion for traveling and photography fuel my designs and aesthetics.


About Me

Designer. Photographer. Flâneur. World traveler. 
Francophile. Architecture and Art Lover. 

My passions and my inspirations...
All fueled by good coffee, delicious food and excellent wine. 

Parisian door

A Little More...

After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing, I immediately moved to Paris and began an adventure of a lifetime. My passion for design and photography were perfectly balanced to begin freelancing for both expats and local businesses, in both English and French. Living in Paris was an excellent basecamp for my travels and photography and I was inspired daily by such a stunning city! I share my travels to Paris (and around the world) on Instagram on a regular basis, and it a great place to keep up with my work. Upon returning to the US, I am continuing to work with freelance clients, as well as I recently launching several product lines inspired by the European lifestyle and using the photos from my travels. I also recently purchased a woman’s clothing boutique in Cincinnati, OH called Idlewild Woman with my aunt, Julie Clark, and you can find all of my products in the store and on their website!